Our integration consultancy practice engages with organisations large and small to assist them in architecting, planning and executing a systems integration strategy. We usually do this at enterprise-level, but are often called upon to support divisional, departmental, programme and project initiatives as required. Our focus goes beyond the technology of middleware integration to address the broader business objectives and deliver an operating model that will continue to reap benefits for the business. 

Integration Competency Centre

Wheeve’s Integration Competency Centre (ICC) is a rapid start up solution that enables your organisation to  build a mature systems integration function that can deliver timely, cost-effective, repeatable, high quality systems integration. We have distilled our integration expertise into a set of processes, templates, patterns and implementation guides that accelerate the adoption of best practice integration, avoiding the pitfalls that every organisation makes.  We apply our own methodology to deliver an ICC that is tailored to your specific organisation, whilst ensuring best practice is maintained by the resulting organisational unit. 

  • Industry-leading business and technical consultants employed to deploy the function;
  • Change-management experts ensure the function is embedded effectively;
  • Backed off to Wheeve organisation experts for extended depth.
Tried and tested materials so you don’t have to build them from scratch
  • Templates, processes, patterns and policies;
  • Target organisation structures and R&Rs;
  • Architectural artefacts and roadmaps to deliver SOA;
  • Supporting educational material to assist in evangelising within the wider IT organisation
 Scalable to fit any organisation
  • Large, global multinational scenarios catered for, or;
  • Mid-sized corporation, restricted scope
Flexible model
  • Can be taken as a package or specific elements may be used (for example, governance only through to full integration SDLC implementations);
  • Can be wrapped around client organisational structures and processes.
Solution Benefits
  • Organisations that take this solution can expect the following tangible benefits:
  • Dramatic reduction in the costs of integration IT systems;
  • Significant reduction in time to deliver IT system integrations;
  • Rapid adoption of best-practice, SOA-based approach leading to demonstrable reuse of integration assets;
  • Measurable reduction in operational incidents caused by adoption of inappropriate integration patterns and platforms;
  • Certainty in delivery of integration roadmaps, resulting in minimal loss of time and funds due to inappropriate platform implementations.


Integration Maturity Assessment (IMA)

IMA is a service that helps you to understand not only where you are on the integration maturity curve, but also, where you need to be, providing a strong, empirical basis upon which to plan a roadmap of implementation and organisational change. Wheeve applies industry best practice techniques to work out where you are starting from and which integration maturity target is right for your business.  We will help you to create the kind of change programme that delivers the best model for you.

We adopt a standard approach for this exercise:

1. Discovery Sessions

We run a set of stakeholder interviews and review your current documentation. From this we aim to understand your current level of maturity and your aspirations for the future.

2. Analysis Phase
We take the data from the discovery phase and analyse it against our library of best-practice materials and patterns to determine the optimal maturity level for your integration organisation, and a high-level roadmap of capability development to achieve this.
3. Report Presentation
We present our findings to you, providing you with a clear articulation of where you are, where you need to go, and the route to get there.
4. Next steps discussion
Once you have had a chance to digest our findings, we return to the discussion to help you determine your next steps to make your ICC a reality.

At the end of this exercise you will be in possession of all the relevant facts and analysis you require to embark on a programme of change and transformation to take you to the next level of integration maturity.  You will be able to move forward in confidence, knowing that your plans have been built with experts, ensuring your systems integration goals are achieved.


Integration Expertise “as a Service”

We understand that companies often have a need for expert advice - be that integration strategy, architecture, technical review or analysis. This service provides a cost-effective solution for any organsiation that needs regular support to govern and guide their systems integration activities, but that cannot justify or afford the permanent headcount to do this in-house. We can provide highly skilled experts as required.