Holistic Systems Integration

We are not 'just another systems integrator' - far from it.

We have built our company around a set of core components that deliver a unique proposition to you. Our capability wheel brings together elements from a wide variety of movements in our industry. We believe the combination of these elements delivers a best-in-class approach to systems integration.



  • Enterprise wide focus placing your integration platform as the nervous system of your business
  • Microservices used in combination deliver business agility that is focused on the end-users
  • Service-oriented architecture enables effective reuse of business systems functionality and data 
  • Data driven architecture concepts inform our integration designs
  • Cloud native systems are increasingly prevalent and integration must work in hybrid scenarios out-of-the-box




  • Strategic long-term approach that reflects your investment in platforms and people
  • Architectural perspective to ensure your integration goes beyond point projects
  • Expert and thought leading consultants delivering you real value
  • Repeatability focus to maximise investments through standardised assets
  •  Supportability built-in providing through-life return on investment
  • Technology agnostic working with all major platforms


Philisophy, delivery and architecture.png

Delivery method

  • Agile development practices enable our teams to react to change and keep pace with increasing demands
  • Lean Six Sigma drives high quality solutions with a doctrine of continuous improvement.
  • Change management is essential to ensure processes and systems are adopted and behaviours adjusted
  • Governance mechanisms are essential for long-term effectiveness and need to be aligned with overall enterprise architecture
  • Testing excellence is at the forefront of our approach