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Our consulting practice engages with organisations large and small to assist them in architecting, planning and executing a systems integration strategy. This includes maturity assessments, integration expertise as a service to support a particular goal, and delivery of an Integration Competency Centre which enables organisations to build a mature systems integration function delivering timely, cost-effective, repeatable and high quality systems integrations.

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Programme delivery

For clients that have specific, known integration needs, we can assemble a team of highly skilled consultants that can analyse, design, develop, test and deliver high quality systems integration solutions.  A great option for point solutions or for embedding within a larger programme of systems delivery to ensure integration needs are given the right focus.

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We set up Wheeve as we really believe there is a better way to do systems integration. As a niche capability in a vast IT landscape, integration is often approached in a piecemeal manner and executed by silo project teams.

At Wheeve, we are experts in the detail with mindsets focused on the big picture. Success relies as much on governance, processes and people as it does on technology. Wheeve delivers for the long-term. 

Jon Boxall Managing Director

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