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Why join Wheeve?

The Wheeve Board of Directors are passionate about building a company that “gets it right”. We know that technology consulting and delivery is a challenging field and that the success of our company depends upon the development of a highly talented, strongly committed and motivated workforce that is equally passionate about providing exceptional outcomes for our clients. It is often said that the workforce is what makes a company, and this has never been truer than within Wheeve.

We are a young and rapidly growing organisation, and at this early stage in our development we can offer our early employees something far more valuable than simple, formalised benefits schemes and inducements; we offer you the opportunity to help us define the culture within Wheeve, to build the foundation that will define the way our business is structured, governed and operated.

Working for a young company is very different from working for a more established one: we are unencumbered by decades of dogma and tired processes; we are not tied down by a “this is the way we do it here” culture; we don’t rely on ancient systems that limit the way we run our business. This gives us the opportunity to operate strategically and to be rapid in our response to our clients’ changing needs and to the market as a whole.

Working for Wheeve is exciting, varied and rewarding, as well as demanding, dynamic and fast-paced; we are looking for candidates that relish a challenge and are inspired by the opportunity that working for a high-growth start-up offers.


As a small but growing business, Wheeve is an exciting place to work. You are given responsibility from day one and there is a real openess to new ideas and approaches. Whilst a lot of the team work client side, there is a strong sense of being part of Wheeve.

Matt Whitehouse Account Delivery Manager

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Current vacancies

Integration Solution Architect

The role of the Integration Solution Architect is to provide the practical, real-world, and proven expertise necessary to define the most effective solutions for our clients. Integration can be complex and costly. We pride ourselves on designing and delivering solutions that not only implement the best principles and patterns, but are also straightforward and cost effective. The Integration Solution Architect has a pivotal role to play in achieving this balance. 

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Integration Analyst

Working as part of a consulting team, the Integration Analyst will be responsible for gathering and defining the integration requirements in one or more client accounts.  This is a primarily client-facing role, often working on client sites, closely with their staff in a coaching, mentoring and two-in-a-box capacity.

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Speculative applications

If you like the sound of Wheeve but don't see a role that fits you right now, please send us your details and one of our team will get back to you.