Wheeve's integration managed service offering is an ideal solution for organisations who are struggling with integration challenges but do not wish to develop an in-house capability.

Organisations, large and small, are adopting more and more on-premise and internet-based services in order to run their business effectively. Often these services are specified and procured by the departments that need the functionality without a view as to how they will work with existing business systems. For example, the sales team might specifiy which CRM tool they want to deploy, the purchasing team which ERP meets their needs, the HR team a tool for managing employee data and tracking learning, development and benefits, the finance team a payroll system, expenses tool and a payments solution for suppliers. The list is endless. One size fits all solutions are rapidly becoming an outdated concept as they often do not offer the depth of capability that that these specialised services can provide.  However, this proliferation of systems brings with it a growing need to share information between them and this is fast becoming the number one challenge for IT departments.

This is where Wheeve's managed integration service steps in. For organisations who do not have, or do not want to build, an integration capability in-house, Wheeve offers all of the expertise gained from from our consulting and delivery practices to take away the pain. Utilising cloud based and open source technology, Wheeve can provide a fully managed service which will enable you to focus on growing your business. 

  • Backed by extensive expertise in consulting and delivery for enterprise programmes in FTSE 100 companies
  • Scalable and low-risk integration solution that will meet your challenges today and tomorrow
  • An agile approach to accomodate changing business needs underpinned by proven best-in-class governance and architecture
  • Security focused ensuring your data remains private
  • UK based account management team